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Driving safe & combatting Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Download the free poster for your company to support any essential workers who still need to drive as part of their job.

Driving Monitor are supporting our customers and employees through this difficult time, this free guide is designed for drivers who still need to operate as the country faces challenging times.

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Driver Risk Assessments, Driving Licence Checks & driver training


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7 Secrets to licence checks ebook download

7 Secrets Guide

This 7 Secrets to licence checks gives you inside knowledge when sourcing a driving licence checking partner.

We have a very proactive approach to fleet safety and have provided fleet driver training to staff for some years. Driving Monitor have the experience and background to offer the right fleet driver training for us to move further forward with this project.
Head of Commercial Ops - HM Revenue & Customs
Initially, we went out to the market to assess all suppliers who could undertake this large task. Finding a supplier who could handle a large-scale volume of employees efficiently was an important factor - as well as providing an effective toolkit for E.ON to manage its duty-of-care was paramount.
Senior Contract Manager - E.ON UK Plc
Although the standards of all the other applicants was high, Driving Monitor was particularly flexible in its approach. Driving Monitor displayed that they had the experience and knowledge not only to provide now but also develop their services into the future.
T-Mobile - Procurement Manager
It was very important to Mouchel that any product we used had to be flexible enough for us to be able to customise it so it fitted Mouchel, not the other way round, Driving Monitor met that challenge and today we have a robust bespoke system in place managing our driver and fleet risk.
Group SHEQ Business Partner, Mouchel
DVLA licence checks showcased at the Safety & Health Expo 2015

Video testimonials

This short video gives you an insight into some of the new digital services Driving Monitor has launched - especially around the new DVLA licence checking platform.

See how customers are using new new channels and also hear from Hayley Saunders - Senior Associate at Shoosmith Law firm on the legal aspects of managing work related road safety.

You can download our 7 Secrets to licence checks free guide here.


no software required


There's no need to worry about software integration - Driving Monitor have a fully secure web solution that works on all platforms. You simply need access to a web browser with an internet connection and you're good to go!

If you employees use desktop PC's or Macs - or simply have laptops or tablet PC's there's no problem as our systems have been designed to run on all devices.

Covering all your duty-of-care needs

Driving Monitor is the longest standing UK web based driver risk management system and has been delivering solutions since 2001. Here's what you'll get when you choose Driving Monitor:

  • All your duty-of-care covered for your employees who drive on company business in one central system - no need to try and plug together many different systems/spreadsheets.
  • We can bespoke your account based on our flexible framework, customising driver risk assessments, DVLA driving licence checks, vehicle management, Grey Fleet checks, accident management, telematics and much more...
  • Get all your tasks and alerts bespoked to suit your teams and management structure

Read more on why Driving Monitor is different...

We pay attention to the finer details...

Because we've been managing small, medium and large fleets for over 10 years we recognise that the secret to running a successful driver risk programme isn't just in the systems we build - it's in the strategy and back-end support we provide.

Everyone is individual with their own day-to-day job to do and we understand that managing driver safety isn't always at the top of an employee's list of priorities. We've developed a solution that fits in with a company's culture and reduces the impact of assessing driver risk - as well as implementing a safer driving standard.

Here's an outline of a typical rollout:

  • Initial consultation with you to establish the roll-out strategy
  • Work with you to generate internal comms for your employees pre-rollout
  • Setup your account and bespoke task/alerts settings as well as any bespoke branding and modifications of the system setup
  • Import your employee data and setup your company structure
  • Invite your employees to sign our online 'driver declaration' to establish those that drive on company business
  • Monitor online registrations and give you live reports on progress
  • Use our customer support team to keep the programme running behind the scenes (this is vital for programme longevity)


Watch Driving Monitor in action

Watch Driving Monitor in action

7 Secrets to licence checks

DVLA Driving Licence Checks

This 7 Secrets to Licence Checks FREE guide gives you inside knowledge as to what to look for when sourcing a driving licence checking partner. Don't start checking driving licences without reading these 7 secrets as there's been a lot of changes in 2015 with the DVLA services.


Automate your processes

We make the process of managing driver compliance easy. With automated routines and follow-up actions you can be confident nothing will ever be overlooked.

Drivers get reminders about Tax, Insurance & MOT - as well as alerts about their licence photocard expiry and any outstanding training to be taken. Managers get a view of the whole process with reports showing any issues for attention.

Analyse accidents and reduce risks

Our systems can help prevent accidents before they happen by giving you powerful analysis tools to spot trends and identify areas of risks.

If you have an accident management system you can also import this into Driving Monitor to allow you to cross-reference with risk assessments, DVLA data and any other areas of risks to analyse why accidents occur.

25% reduction in accidents
100% compliance across fleet
18% Reduction in insurance premiums

Saving you money across your fleet

With our risk-mitigation programmes you can not only cover your duty-of-care, but you can actually save money by reducing the annual accident rates across your organisation.

This can lead to a huge cost saving with reduced vehicle repair & maintenance, fewer insurance claims and overall allow you to gain a better annual insurance premium!

Ready to see more? Let's go...

Check out some great examples of how we're innovating to make your life easier:

Driving Monitor latest news

Driving Monitor latest news

New eConsent system for paperless DVLA driving licence checks

New eConsent system for paperless DVLA driving licence checks

Download your FREE guide to driver risk assessments

Download your FREE guide to driver risk assessments

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