Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a…

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a…

At this time of year, kids start looking up to the sky in the hope of spotting a red, magical vehicle flying over the chimneys in the distance.

But it’s still a bit early for that, and I’m keeping my feet firmly on the ground for now.

I’m not searching for reindeer, you see.

But I am on the hunt for the lesser-spotted BMW iX-Flow…

Teased in adverts back in the summer, the newest innovation from BMW is the iX-Flow, the car that changes colour.

When it’s hot, it’s white, and when it’s cold, it’s black.

Nifty, right?

CLICK HERE to read the full story on the BMW iX-Flow

According to BMW, the car was supposed to be ready for rollout back in the summer, but as the frost this week will tell you, we’re a long way past heatwaves at this point of the year.

And there’s still no sight of the iX-Flow.

Now, a couple of things might have happened here:

  • The colour-changing feature on the car is SO effective that I actually have spotted them… but I just assumed they were another BMW
  • OR nobody ordered one because as much as the concept seems cool, there’s not really any purpose for a colour-changing car

But I thought I should reach out and see if it’s just me or if anyone’s actually spotted the BMW’s answer to a weathervane… let me know!