Compliance Monitor - managing your duty of care for occupational road risk

Now you can manage all of your driver compliance needs in one central place, ensuring you meet your duty of care for drivers

Compliance Monitor is a powerful yet simple compliance tool which allows you to manage your duty of care for drivers who drive on company business. You'll get access to clear manager web dashboards giving you a complete overview of all driver compliance issues from risk assessments, DVLA licence checks, vehicle checks and any training needs.     It's important to adopt a system that can 'combine' all of these separate data sets into one central report for an accurate view of all drivers. Try to avoid having lots of separate systems to manage drivers, vehicles, assessments, DVLA licence data, training data & accident data etc.

What areas of compliance are covered?

  • Driving on business declaration
    Driving Monitor has developed a unique 'driver declaration' system to allow you to see which employees drive on business and those who don't. A simple invite is sent to all employees allowing each person to click a link specifying their status, giving you a clear compliance dashboard of all driving statuses.
  • Driver risk assessments
    The Risk Monitor module allows you to keep track of risk assessment compliance to ensure that all drivers are up-to-date with assessments
  • DVLA licence checks
    The system will alert you to any issues with drivers who are disqualified or have specific offences you want to be alerted to. You will also receive reports showing you which drivers have not signed their eConsent for the DVLA checks.
  • Vehicle compliance
    Our system can also check Tax, Insurance and MOT for Grey Fleet vehicles. This means you can be 100% compliant on all vehicles that are driven on company business. You can receive alerts of any non-compliance, such as any vehicles without business cover on their insurance.
  • Training compliance
    The Training Monitor module gives you a clear picture of which drivers need training. The simple dashboards shows show all completed training and any outstanding interventions against each driver. Drivers will also receive compliance updates to prompt them to complete the training.
  • Total flexibility
    The Task Monitor module has been continually developed since 2002 and has been built on a flexible platform. This means the system can be configured to suit your company structure and management hierarchy. Your specific settings can be modified to ensure the right people in your business are alerted to the key pieces of information at the 'right time'.
  • Configure alerts at different levels
    Department managers can receive alerts just about drivers within their department, but our alerts system is powerful enough to have alerts setup at branch and company level, so issues can escalate up through the  management hierarchy. Managers can be setup at all levels allows your organisation to control access views

Driving Monitor Permit to Drive for your duty of care towards drivers

Driving Monitor Permit to Drive for your duty of care towards drivers


Why do I need to monitor the compliance of my drivers?

Most managers ask this question. Put simply all employers have a duty of care under current Health & Safety legislation (see HSE guidelines Driving at Work – Managing Work-Related Road Safety) to ensure that employees are safely assessed for their driving ability on the UK roads. Here are a few useful key facts:

  • New laws are coming into force that gives life sentences to drivers who kill as a result of dangerous driving
  • In a recent study it's estimated that over 47% of business owners don't monitor their employees who drive on company business
  • A recent poll of employees highlighted 68% were unaware they needed to change their car insurance to cover business use
  • With a serious road incident the courts will establish if the employer has done the correct checks on the vehicle (even if the employee uses their own vehicle and claims mileage)

Read more about how compliance works...

Duty of care system for business drivers
It's important to establish which employees use their own car or have a cash allowance for a vehicle to use on company business. Driving Monitor has a simple online solution to help you establish which employees make up your 'Grey Fleet' and which claim mileage from company vehicles.

If you consider how many employees are driving for work at some point in their employment it can be difficult to track:

  • They are recording the correct mileage for business expenses
  • They are travelling on the most efficient routes
  • They are driving within the speed limits and in a 'safe' manner
  • If they are close to having an accident

    The simplest solution is to use Driving Monitor's compliance tools to automatically keep track of every driver's compliance level. We combine all of this into a 'Permit to Drive' that managers can view instantly from any desktop or mobile device.

    Compliance done the smart way

    The benefits of using the new smart technologies for managing driver compliance are obvious:

    • No installation fees - the driver simply uses the web software
    • No problems where employees are or how they connect to the system as it's all internet-based
    • No manually chasing drivers - the system chases up all tasks and provides you with reports delivered to you weekly

      This means you are ensuring nothing is ever missed and you are covering your company duty of care for your employees who drive.


      Should I manage compliance items using an in-house system or an integrated solution?

      It’s a common practice for a company to start managing internal compliance using Excel spreadsheets to keep track of assessments, driving licence checks, vehicle Tax, Insurance & MOT checks. Eventually, internal departments such as HR, Fleet and Health & Safety can become overrun trying to keep track of every item against each employee with spreadsheets that don't update automatically.

      Driving Monitor has spent over 15 years crafting a solution specifically designed to manage the compliance of occupational road risk, and this simple web tool takes all of the hassles away from you. Only by cross-referencing the data in one central system with driver risk profile can you fully cover the company duty of care obligations (HSE's guidelines) which are:






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