Time to get moo-ving

Time to get moo-ving

Delays are a part of driving.

Whether it’s rush hour, traffic jams, roadworks, or diversions, we’ve come to expect them as a natural part of everyday driving.

But sometimes the reason for a delay’s not one that many people would believe… unless you capture it on camera.

Like a runaway cow.

Yep, after a herd of cattle got loose in Oklahoma, USA, one cow decided to head off on an adventure down the roads, presumably making all drivers look twice to check if it was really happening.

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It’s not uncommon to hear about sheep on the roads, particularly if you’re driving near farmland and they’re being moved…

But cows are A LOT harder to wrangle.

A couple of livestock wranglers headed out to see if they could help after several failed attempts to get hold of the runaway cow.

Incredibly, with the cow running at full speed down a busy road, they managed to lasso the cow between the two of them and bring it under control.

Unbelievably, the cow headed back to its farm completely unharmed after its escapades, and I’m sure it’ll have a story or two to tell the rest of the herd.

It’s a reminder that you should always expect the unexpected when it comes to driving.

Of course, a cow hurtling down the road isn’t likely to happen too often, but there’s always something to be aware of.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen on the road? Let us know in the comments below.