A Reunion 30 Years In The Making…

A Reunion 30 Years In The Making…

A Reunion 30 Years In The Making…

Not all stories have a happy ending.

And when a prized possession is stolen, there’s rarely a positive outcome.

But a story this week might just be that… albeit there’s been a 30-year wait for the reunion.

Gerhard Berger, the former Formula One driver, had his Ferrari F512M stolen from the paddock at Imola for the San Marino Grand Prix in 1995.

It was one of two cars stolen on the day and while Berger witnessed the theft taking place in the distance, he was unable to catch the thief.

And that was the last the car was ever seen… until the Met Police received a tip-off in January this year that a vehicle being sold to a US buyer had been flagged as stolen.

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Given the rarity of the car and the fact it’s a Ferrari belonging (rightfully) to a former F1 driver, the price it was due to fetch was enough to raise alarm bells.

Once extensive checks were conducted, the Met Police managed to trace the car’s journey from 1995 onwards.

It turns out it’d been shipped to Japan where it remained until last year when it arrived in the UK ready to be sold.

We’re yet to find out whether Berger will get his car back, but we sure hope so – because we all love a happy ending.

Unfortunately, the second Ferrari stolen from the Grand Prix back in 1995 remains missing… but who knows, maybe that’ll be next to turn up?