An Abandoned Car Is One Thing, But An Abandoned Showroom?

An Abandoned Car Is One Thing, But An Abandoned Showroom?

Every now and again, you hear a strange story about an abandoned car.

Former Liverpool and Arsenal footballer Jermaine Pennant’s abandoned Porsche always sticks in my mind – he’d left it in Spain after returning to the UK before sending someone to collect it months later.

Complete with fines, of course.  

Now an abandoned car is one thing – but how about an abandoned car dealership?

We’re not just talking about one or two cars, we’re talking about an entire fleet of vehicles left abandoned for decades.

That’s what a YouTube Channel, The Bearded Explorer, found in France when he stumbled upon a Peugeot showroom that closed down years ago… with cars still left inside.

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The inside is even more fascinating than you might think, too.

That’s because among the cars left behind, there are Peugeots from years gone by, a Mazda minivan, and there is even a sign for the ‘Talbot’ brand – which ceased to exist back in 1995.

From the vehicles and models inside, it appears that most of the showroom dates back to the 1990s, which means that it’s laid dormant for more than 25 years.

It seems a waste considering how expensive vehicles can be… but I can’t imagine that the cars will be in a roadworthy condition after sitting stagnant for all these years!

Have you ever heard of an entire showroom being abandoned with vehicles inside? And would you risk taking one of the cars out on the road?