Should driving instructors be allowed to award licences?

Should driving instructors be allowed to award licences?

We don’t know how often you keep tabs on the Parliament petitions website, but there’s one petition gaining momentum that’s certainly caught our eye.

“Allow driving instructors to pass learners unable to book a test,” it’s called.

Ben Stanway started the petition at the back end of last year, claiming “it is unfair on learners who have been unable to book a test due to the pandemic to have to wait a significantly long time to have access to booking [a driving test].”

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Last time we checked the petition was halfway to the 100,000 signatures needed to get it considered for debate in Parliament.

But the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has already pointed out that it would be unlawful to give driving instructors such power.

All the reactions we’ve seen on social media have been wholly negative too. But the fact that this petition’s already gained 50,000 signatures indicates that there are many out there who think it’s a valid idea.

Well, 50,000 people at least.

Would this be as “terrible” an idea as Twitter users suggest?

As disastrous for road safety as it sounds?

Or is there something in it?

Others have suggested the DVSA should extend the lifetime of theory certificates to give learners more time to book and take a test. But what else could they be doing to help new drivers?

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