Fancy A Working Pizza Oven In Your Boot?

Fancy A Working Pizza Oven In Your Boot?

When it comes to fleets, our minds often go to the more obvious examples.

Haulage, logistics, food and consumables.

But there’s a type of fleet that’s always on the move and thanks to various apps, always busy:

The takeaway delivery vehicle.   

And there’s none more iconic than the pizza delivery car, right?

I’m thinking of Home Alone when the delivery boy knocks over the statue or the scene in Toy Story when they’re heading to Pizza Planet.

Well, one of the names most synonymous with Pizza is Domino’s and their history with delivery vehicles is an interesting one…

Yep, I’m talking specifically about the rotary-powered Nasa-esque vehicles complete with a pizza oven in the back.

CLICK HERE to read the full story on Domino’s rotary-powered vehicles featuring their very own pizza ovens

There were just 10 of the vehicles created by Domino’s founder Tom Monaghan in the USA but for various reasons, they didn’t quite take off (in more ways than one).

Well, despite the pizza oven being removed, one of the remaining ‘Tritan A2’ vehicles is up for sale at auction in Las Vegas.

I’m sure with a bit of fiddling, that pizza oven could be up and firing and you could be enjoying pizza on the go any time you please…

Although whether you’d even want that is another question entirely.

I’m not sure the distraction of a pizza oven dinging while you’re trying to concentrate on the road is something any fleet owner would be advocating for!