What if your fleet could run on whisky…

What if your fleet could run on whisky…

If someone told you 10 years ago that one day a fleet would run on whisky instead of petrol or diesel… you’d probably have fallen about laughing.

And I don’t blame you.

BUT that’s now a reality.

Yep, the Scotch Whisky giant Glenfiddich has become the FIRST global spirits brand to use its own distillation residue as biofuel for its fleet.

Vehicles that run on whisky. The future’s here.

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There is a serious point, and that’s meeting emissions targets. And doing so without compromising safety, efficiency, or cost is the ultimate goal.

The Glenfiddich distillery in northeast Scotland uses homebrewed technology to convert production waste into Ultra-Low Carbon Fuel.

Their delivery vehicles have been converted to utilise the fuel, meaning that they’ll transport their whisky from production to bottling and packaging.

Making use of their waste product to power the vehicles should also be a cost-effective solution long-term.

So, what other innovations would you like to see? 

I’m all for innovative vehicles – maybe we’ll get to the point where you can power a fleet with thought alone – no steering needed, simply think ‘turn left’ and the vehicle will follow suit…

Okay, maybe that idea needs some work.

But there’s bound to be some FUN innovations in the next few years as we move away from internal combustion engines… and there’s bound to be A LOT of safety tests and concerns too!