Grey Fleet Safety Concerns Over Rising Costs

Grey Fleet Safety Concerns Over Rising Costs


The rising cost of living could impact the safety standards of grey fleet vehicles according to recent research.

It’s because one in five drivers responded to a survey stating that they plan to cut back on vehicle maintenance if bills continue to rise.

In fact, more than three-quarters of motorists said that the expected October increase in energy bills will affect whether they can afford their vehicle or not.

When surveyed, 18% of motorists said they’d put off replacing tyres and 22% said they will delay servicing.

Given that the rise in fuel costs has already put pressure on the grey fleet, the research’s findings represent a significant concern for the sector.

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Routine maintenance is an essential part of vehicle safety, as much as ensuring that MOTs and services have been carried out.

The report also states that many grey fleet drivers will look to shop around for fuel, use their vehicle less, and may even consider swapping it for a more economical vehicle.

And while energy bills are rising, it’s still more economical to charge an electrical vehicle than it is to run a petrol or diesel vehicle.

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