High-Tech Speed Cameras Are Here…

High-Tech Speed Cameras Are Here…


For a long time, it’s been pretty obvious when someone’s been caught speeding.

A big flash notified everyone around that you were about to receive a fine and 3 points in the post… or an invitation to a speed awareness course.

It’s been the same with photography for a long time – think of those images of Victorians standing incredibly still for several minutes while a gigantic bulb flashes a bright light upon them.

But technology evolves and today, a flash is no longer necessary. 

New low-light speed cameras have been introduced in Greater Manchester… and they don’t flash.

Yep, if you’re speeding, you’ll get the fine and the points, but you might not immediately know about it.

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Not only that, but the new cameras are capable of capturing vehicles travelling in both directions.

That’s a big change from the previous technology which was only able to capture vehicles in left-hand lanes.

The cameras use infrared low light technology and are part of a scheme to improve road safety, reduce the number of incidents on the road and decrease the amount of injuries and fatalities on the roads.

With speed cameras becoming increasingly prevalent on motorways and A roads, it’s clear there’s a conscious effort to increase road safety by deterring drivers from speeding.

Do you think speed cameras that don’t flash will have a big impact on driver safety?