Lightning never strikes twice…

Lightning never strikes twice…

The old saying goes that lightning never strikes the same place twice.

Of course, we know that’s not true – there’s enough evidence to prove otherwise.

The other thing we know is that if lightning strikes a car going at exactly 88mph, you can travel back in time.

Well, you can in Back to the Future, anyway.

The reality is that when a lightning bolt strikes a car, it’s going to fry pretty much ALL of the electronics inside.

And when it’s a Toyota Prius, one of the world’s most popular hybrid vehicles, that’s less than ideal.

Yep, an incredible video captured the moment when a YouTuber’s Prius was struck by lightning.

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The YouTuber, More Pi, spends his time chasing storms in the US – think tornadoes, hurricanes, and all sorts of extreme weather.

I know what you’re thinking – it does feel like he’s tempting fate by driving around in a hybrid car chasing an electrical storm…

But what are the chances of a bolt of lightning frying all of the electronics?!

Incredibly, the video shows a bolt of lightning strike the car’s antenna before a ball of flames can be seen erupting from the roof.

Thankfully, everyone escaped unharmed – although the Prius was a little worse for wear.

In fact, the engine control module in the car needed to be replaced just so a mechanic could figure out what the main issue was.

The lesson? Chasing storms probably isn’t the best way to stay safe on the roads.