Local authorities pay out for pothole damage

Local authorities pay out for pothole damage


Councils and local authorities in England, Scotland, and Wales have paid out millions to drivers over damage caused by potholes in recent years.

A report has highlighted the significant costs for local authorities with more than 37,000 drivers claiming compensation over a 3-year period.

While the success rate is only 25%, it still represents a burden for National Highways and local authorities who have to find space in the budget to allow for the pay-outs.

Potholes have become an issue that most drivers will be familiar with, with the issue being most prevalent on local roads.

Fleet operators will be well aware of pothole damage, with punctures being the most common problem caused by potholes on the roads.

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According to recent data, local authorities are dealing with a 9-year backlog of road repairs…

Which means that there’s likely to be even more potholes on the roads over the next few years, and the issue will get worse before it gets better.

Lincolnshire County Council received the largest amount of damage claims, with almost 50% of the 8,810 claims being successful.

A separate survey of drivers found that 24% have damaged their vehicle in the last 18 months after hitting a pothole.

Have you ever experienced damage after hitting a pothole? Is it a significant issue for your drivers? Let us know in the comments below.