Why Did The Office Chair Cross The Road?

Why Did The Office Chair Cross The Road?

What do you do when an office chair flies through the sky in the middle of the motorway?

If it feels like you’re waiting for the punchline, I don’t blame you.

But it’s a bizarre question that you probably never think you’ve had to answer… until you do.

And that’s exactly the situation a family in Utah, USA, found themselves in.

Road safety is something we’re all aware of, whether we’re conscious of it every time we hop in the car or head out on the road.

But there are some things you’re more acutely aware of than others – and an object such as an office chair colliding with your windscreen as you head down the motorway isn’t usually one of those.

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Thankfully everyone escaped any serious injuries, which given the speed of the collision and the metal and glass involved, is lucky.

The entire situation was captured on the vehicle’s dashcam, and you can see the moment in which the office chair strikes the passenger’s side of the windscreen.

All vehicles are fitted with windscreens that are shatterproof, precisely for incidents like these, which is one safety feature that has undoubtedly saved lives.

It’s not clear how the chair ended up on the road but it’s suspected it fell from a truck bed before being struck by another vehicle, sending the metal parts of the chair towards the Eaton family’s car.

A lucky escape but also a reminder that safety on the road is a constant concern.