Potholes, punctures and pizza

Potholes, punctures and pizza

Everybody hates potholes.

I don’t think I’m alone in that…

In fact, I’ve memorised where all of the potholes are on my route to work so that I can avoid them without even thinking.

But one thing that people don’t associate with potholes is pizza.

Well, Domino’s Pizza is changing that.

They’re fed up with ruined pizza.

Picture this: It’s been a long week, and you’ve sat down on a Friday evening, ordered a pizza and poured yourself a glass of wine. The pizza arrives, but it looks like it’s been 12 rounds with Mike Tyson en route.

That’s why Domino’s Pizza in Texas, USA came up with a plan.

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The Paving for Pizza project is an innovative solution to an issue we’re all too familiar with…

And it’s smart too. Domino’s logo features on all of the equipment, cones, and even on the road itself.

If you’re wondering what all this is about, well, you’re in luck because Domino’s popped a go-pro in a pizza box to show just how much a broken road impacts the integrity of your Friday night pizza…

So, the next time you spot a pothole in the road, imagine it with branding on to make sure your pizza gets to you safely.

What other brands could you see expanding into the road repair business?