Reserving a parking space… for 47 years?

Reserving a parking space… for 47 years?

You know that feeling when you finally find a good parking space?

I get it all the time at our local cinema complex – it’s ALWAYS busy, and I end up driving round and round until finally, a spot opens up…

The relief as we park up 10 minutes before the film starts is extraordinary.

Well, imagine finding a parking space SO good that you leave your car there for 47 years.

Without moving.

That’s precisely what one car owner in Veneto, Italy, has done.

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Now, I’ve heard of cars that have been laid dormant in barns or garages for decades, but you don’t often see a car parked outside for that long…

I mean, the weather damage alone must’ve taken its toll.

In fact, the 1970 Lancia Fulvia Berlina, a former rally car, has become something of a tourist attraction in recent years.

The car’s owner, 94-year-old Angelo Fregolent, ran a newspaper stand in front of his home until a couple of years ago and used the car as a makeshift stockroom for his newspapers for more than 40 years.

Sadly, there’s no official reason given as to why the car hasn’t been moved for 47 years, although that adds to the mystery, so we’re all for it.

The only question I’ve got is, when’s the movie being made?

What do you think about parking in the same spot for 47 years and never moving? Too long? Makes no sense? Seems like a waste of a good car? Let us know in the comments below or at [email protected]