Steering Wheel Bling’s A Big No-No, Apparently

Steering Wheel Bling’s A Big No-No, Apparently

Car customisation is a huge business.

For some people, making their vehicles uniquely theirs is important, whether that’s to take to car meets, show off to their friends or just because they can.

It might be tinted windows, new spoilers, customised alloy wheels, low riders, or a custom paint job.

Or apparently, it might be a customised rhinestone logo on your steering wheel.

Which is exactly what regulators in New York want to stop from happening after one driver lost their sight after being blinded by a rhinestone from a customised steering wheel in an accident.

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Vehicle customisation has been something police and authorities have been cracking down on in both the US and the UK for a long time, but customised steering wheels seem a niche issue.

Understandably, any customisation that involves sharp objects such as diamonds or rhinestones would raise alarm bells with insurers and road safety campaigners and organisations, though.

I’m not sure it’s something many fleet owners were thinking about anyway… but if you were, it might be time to reconsider!  

Sticking to the traditional form of customisation of fleet vehicles is probably wise.

And by that, I mean having your company name, logo, what you do and your contact details on the side or back!

Would you consider any extra customisation of your fleet vehicles? Is a rhinestone steering wheel a step too far? Let us know in the comments below.