There’s No Such Thing As Free Fuel… Or Is There?

There’s No Such Thing As Free Fuel… Or Is There?

For any fleet, there are costs that come with the territory.

I’m thinking of the cost of purchasing vehicles (or financing them), maintenance and repairs, fuel, insurance, recruitment and congestion charges.

There are plenty more… but you get the point.

And they’re all unavoidable costs, right?

You can’t get away without paying for your vehicles or without having insurance.

But what if you could avoid paying for fuel for six months?

Well, that’s exactly what a woman in the US did thanks to a glitch in the system before her loophole was closed before her scheme caught up with her…

CLICK HERE to read the full story on how a woman in Nebraska, USA, got her hands on six months of free fuel before she was caught

She managed to figure out a way to activate the ‘demo’ mode on the pumps, meaning that when she swiped a rewards card twice, it effectively dished out as much fuel as she wanted without cost.

I assume she came across this accidentally before she decided to go overboard and siphon off 7,413 gallons of petrol during her spree.

After she’d taken advantage of the glitch more than 500 times, including doing so for friends in exchange for a fee, the loophole was closed, and police investigated.

And there she was in full view of CCTV on hundreds of separate occasions helping herself to free fuel thanks to a loophole in the system…

Perhaps the old saying is true – if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. 

Free fuel? Not in this lifetime…