Tougher consequences for 12-point licence offenders

Tougher consequences for 12-point licence offenders

If you thought that getting 12 points on your licence meant you’d automatically receive a driving ban, think again.

Earlier this year, the DVLA released statistics that showed that more than 9,000 drivers continued to drive on British roads, despite having at least 12 points on their licences.

Turns out there’s a simple loophole, and these nine thousand people have certainly taken advantage of it.

All they had to do was prove that they’d go through “exceptional hardship” if the DVLA took their licence.

I mean, wouldn’t we all?

But thanks to new to a new crackdown at the Sentencing Council, we’re likely to see fewer 12-pointers avoid a ban.

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New updates to the Road Traffic Offenders Act 1988 mean that factors that would historically have helped you get away without a ban might no longer work in your favour.

We’re talking things like being forced to use alternative transport and even loss of employment.

Under the changes, courts will consider offending drivers’ lack of contrition more carefully too. So if you’ve already got 6 or 9 points on your licence and you continue to offend, you’re less likely to get away with that “exceptional circumstances” plea.

Bans will last for six months for first-time 12-pointers, or two years if you’ve got previous.

Do you think the new rules are tough enough, or should the DVLA take things further?