Unexpected item in bagging area

Unexpected item in bagging area

A petition has been started urging Tesco to stop installing self-service checkouts.  

And there’s over 100,000 signatures on it so far.

I think we all know why. 

They can be INFURIATING.

Sometimes you get a good one, but more often than not they don’t scan properly, you need a real person to come over and key in a code so you can buy a bottle of wine, and of course, the dreaded “unexpected item in bagging area”.

CLICK HERE to read the full story on the petition to stop self-service tills being installed

I’m all for technological progress, but only when technology is better than what it’s replacing, and my experience so far (and 100,000 signatories) suggests that even after all these years, it isn’t…

Which makes me think about self-driving cars.

There’s so much research, time, and effort dedicated to developing self-driving and autonomous vehicles, but will it ever be better than having a real person behind the wheel?

If self-service tills are anything to go by, we’ll still need drivers to be on the case when something inevitably goes wrong.

And it’s one thing being held up at the supermarket, but the safety implications of any technical glitches in a self-driving car are a bit more serious. 

What do you prefer, serve yourself or service with a smile? A human behind the wheel or a fleet driven by the power of tech? Let us know in the comments below.