The weirdest hidden features you’ve NEVER heard of

The weirdest hidden features you’ve NEVER heard of

Buying a new car usually means choosing your preferred engine and gearbox combo, paint colour and trim level. That’s about it – maybe throw in a couple of nice extras for comfort.

Job done.

But over the years, some manufacturers have taken it beyond just heated steering wheels in order to tempt us… As far as in-car showers.

I just happened across this article outlining some of the most outlandish things you ever did see inside a car – it’s an oldie, but most definitely a goodie!

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My personal favourites include Honda’s CR-V shower.

Imagine the sales pitch on this one, “Do you work outside all day, roll around in mud, have dogs and enjoy wild camping? – then we’ve got the car for you!”

The shower attachment even came with a little tub to stand in. And why not? - The last thing you want when scrubbing yourself down in a field is muddy toes…

The Chrysler Highway Hi-Fi is a good one too…

 Even though cars came with standard AM radios back in the 1950s, dodgy antennas and limited radio shows meant music wasn’t always guaranteed. So Chrysler installed a record player!

Funnily enough it wasn’t really a hit.

What extras would you go for to make your life easier, real or completely made-up?