Where’s the locking wheel nut again?

Where’s the locking wheel nut again?

If you want a job doing properly, you best do it yourself.

Or at least how the old saying goes… and sometimes it’s true, too.

But when it comes to vehicles, we’re all a bit more hands-off than we used to be.

There’s probably a good reason for it – more than one, in fact.

Namely, the reality that a lot of drivers don’t feel confident tackling a puncture on their own and they’ve got breakdown cover that’ll step in when needed.

Yep, according to a recent study, only 39% of drivers would attempt to deal with a puncture themselves.

Most drivers will instead seek support from a breakdown service, friend, colleague or family member.

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Of course, there are other ways of tackling a puncture…

An emergency tyre inflation kit is something that some cars come equipped with, but you can also purchase them separately.

Worryingly, though, 14% of those surveyed were unsure whether their vehicle has a spare tyre or emergency tyre inflation kit at all.

 And by the time you realise, it’s probably too late.

As we all know, potholes are a constant hazard and can cause punctures if you’re particularly unlucky.

The important thing is having a plan for when things go wrong when you’re driving, whether that’s a breakdown service, friend or family member you can reach out to…

Or maybe you feel confident tackling a puncture yourself – kudos if you do!