I Wish I Was James Bond…

I Wish I Was James Bond…

As a kid, James Bond is probably the coolest thing in the world.

A spy who travels the world, has access to unlimited gadgets and drives some of the world’s most expensive cars?

I’ll be honest, even now that sounds pretty cool.

But for most of us, James Bond remains a character on the screen and none of what we see is even close to reality.

Well, one vehicle manufacturer might be about to change that.

The Rezvani Beast offers an additional ‘007 Pack’ that includes electrified door handles, bulletproof glass, thermal night vision, a smoke screen system and even a pepper spray dispenser.

It’ll set you back a pretty penny to get your hands on the vehicle that feels like it’s designed by Q, though.

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I can’t help feeling that while it’s a little bit Bond, there’s also elements of Batman’s utility belt in there too.

I’m thinking of Adam West’s Batman having shark repellent spray on hand at the right moment.

Of course, the chances of anyone needing to use a literal smoke screen or pepper spray in a real-life situation are slim to none, but it feels pretty cool.

It’s perhaps not the most practical of purchases, and I can’t see it being a useful fleet vehicle any time soon!

But is it something you’d go for if money was no object?!