A Bobcat On The Loose…

A Bobcat On The Loose…

When you’re heading home for the evening, the last thing you expect is to be met face-to-face with a bobcat.

I should clarify… I mean the construction vehicle that’s essentially a loader or a large forklift and not a wild animal.

But in a way, that’s worse.

Well, that’s precisely what happened in Pennsylvania, USA, when a child stole a vehicle from a construction site, popped on a construction helmet and headed off into the night.

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If you’re wondering how it all unfolded, you’re not alone.

Local news was alerted when several people reported the construction vehicle was being driven erratically by a child down the street.

The vehicle hit several cars, causing substantial damage as he rode down residential streets at around 7.30 in the evening.

It does sound like something that would happen in a video game rather than anything that’d actually happen in real life… but here we are.

Incredibly, nobody was injured during the joyride and thankfully he was apprehended before anything worse happened.

It’s certainly not the sort of thing you expect to see when you look out of your living room window or if you’ve just popped out to walk the dog.

Have you ever witnessed anything stranger on the road than a bobcat jaunting down the street, colliding with parked cars along the way? Let us know in the comments below…