Burning man, policeman, rocket man?

Burning man, policeman, rocket man?

There’s nothing better than an iconic pop culture car, is there?

Whether it’s James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5, Doc Brown’s DeLorean, or Starsky and Hutch’s 1976 Ford Gran Torino.

Well, this isn’t a car from a movie, but it is pure sci-fi…

David Best’s Rocket Car has been sold at auction for £26,000.

The car shot to fame at California’s annual Burning Man festival in 2003, partly for its 1980s-esque futuristic look and partly for its ludicrous size…

In fact, it’s the size of two and a half Rolls-Royce Ghosts at more than 12 metres, with space for 16 passengers.

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That’s not the only odd thing about this car, though.

You see, it was never meant to be a moneymaker – the Californian artist David Best created the car as part of the infamous Burning Man event…

And Burning Man is all about art, self-expression, self-reliance, and, well, burning a big wooden man.

But thanks to its conceptual design and iconic appearance at multiple Burning Man festivals, it fetched a pretty decent sum at auction.

Oh, and all of the money is going to charity too.

It does have the look of something you’d expect to see up against Anakin Skywalker’s pod racer in Star Wars, which I suppose is part of the charm, right?

Anyway, I’m not sure we’ll see electric vehicle designs heading the way of the Rocket Car any time soon…