How to clean your car when it’s -40°C outside

How to clean your car when it’s -40°C outside

Were you taken in by “Fool’s Spring” last weekend?

I certainly was. Out in the sunshine, bathing with a beer, mentally preparing to swap out my winter wardrobe for my summer clothes.

Then Monday came and I remembered that I live in the UK, not the Bahamas, and I’d been sadly mistaken in thinking that we’re anywhere near summer climes.

I have noticed that I’m not defrosting my windscreen as much as usual this winter though (and not just because I’m leaving the house a whole lot less).

I guess it’s a sad sign of global warming, but it’s also meant that those who care about having a clean car probably haven’t felt quite so let down by the carwashes being closed throughout this lockdown.

But not every country’s residents get it quite so good.

Take Russia, for example. Having a clean car when it’s -40 degrees outside is always going to be a hard task, and nigh on impossible if carwashes are shut there too.

Not for one Russian Hummer driver though, who’s found a novel way to get their car looking nice and shiny, regardless of the super-freezing temperatures outside.

Click here to see a very strange-looking, pink “fluffy” Hummer on the road in Russia

It turns out that using a pressure-washer powered foam cannon is the way forward when the temperature’s so low.

Now I know it’s unlikely you’ve got one of those knocking around…

And it’s even less likely that our temperatures will reach -40 any time soon…

But the sight of the Hummer enveloped by what looks like bring pink fluff is certainly something to behold.

Would you ever do this to your car?!