A different kind of holiday, trackside at Silverstone!

A different kind of holiday, trackside at Silverstone!

For most people, 2020 has been a year severely lacking in holidays.

Something to do with a worldwide pandemic or something.

What it does mean though, is that many folks have been forced to find ways to economise, and have actually ended up with a little stash of cash to play with.

So if you’re secretly chuffed with the amount you put to one side during the lockdown – and you’ve been dreaming about getting away for the first time in months – you might like to hear about this holiday option that’s recently hit the news.

And it’s nothing like the holiday homes you’ve been checking out on Air BnB.

Click here to see what it is (Formula 1 haters look away now!)

Silverstone has just spilt the beans on a somewhat spectacular apartment project where Formula 1 lovers can live the dream trackside.

Though I probably should have mentioned that you’ll need to have set aside quite a lot to stay there.

And perhaps that the apartments won’t be ready until 2022 too.

But if you’ve got the patience (and the pocket), then you might like to find out more about this unique offer for truly dedicated fans of the sport.

With prices starting from £1.2 million for trackside apartments, you can find yourself watching the Grand Prix on the Maggots and Becketts complex, from the comfort of your living room.

For that price you’ll get 35% of rental revenue generated by the property when you’re not there. And you’ll also get 21 tokens that you can exchange for nights at the apartment.

Yep, that’s the other twist. You can’t actually go and stay any time you like.

Do you know any Formula 1 lovers diehard enough to go for this sort of scheme?!

Think I’m going to sit this one out.