Disney’s Car Of Tomorrow… Ditches Fossil Fuels

Disney’s Car Of Tomorrow… Ditches Fossil Fuels

Disneyland is the ultimate destination for children – the holiday of a lifetime if you’re lucky enough to be taken there…

But what does the world’s most famous theme park have to do with vehicles?

Well, Tomorrowland’s Autopia has been a staple attraction ever since the original California theme park opened its doors in 1955.

And ever since then, the vehicles have run on gasoline (that’s petrol to me and you) as children get their first ‘real’ experience of driving.

Of course, a safety track ensures steering isn’t an issue.

The big news? They’re finally moving towards alternative fuels in a bid to reflect developing technology.

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Given that the area of the theme park that the ride sits in is called ‘Tomorrowland’, it’s felt a little outdated that the smell of petrol fills the air given the move towards alternative fuels in recent years.

As we all know, alternative fuel vehicles (mainly EVs) are less a thing of the future and more a reality of today.

Walt Disney’s original vision was to create a prototype city of tomorrow within the parks and highlighting alternative fuel sources, climate issues and sustainable transportation feels like a logical part of that.

As more and more fleets make the switch to EVs, it seems that Disney is joining suit… even when it comes to their rides.