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DPD driver knocks down motorcyclist – the driver’s reaction is unbelievable

DPD driver knocks down motorcyclist – the driver’s reaction is unbelievable

It's amazing to watch how this DPD driver acts innocent in this video - he doesn't know he's being filmed by the biker's helmet-cam.


We've all seen them – those dash-cam videos of crazy driving.

This one is just shocking because of how the DPD driver reacts to the incident. It's funny how people react when they don't know they’re being watched.

This DPD driver represents the company when he dons that fully branded red Polo shirt and cap. He jumps into his shiny new white van (again emblazoned with the big shiny company brand), and starts up that engine and he's off...

However he handles himself on the road that day IT’S CLEAR this driver isn't doing DPD any favours.

It's obvious there's a disconnect between those big brand values the marketing boys have worked so hard to build, and the mindset of this driver when he's behind the wheel.

Simply skip to about 55 seconds into this video - this shortcut goes to the exact time in the video here:

Now notice how the biker’s helmet-cam records his EVERY head movement, glance and position on the road – everything gets recorded. That's the thing about new media - we live in a switched on world.

After the incident occurs the DPD driver actually tries to blame the biker for cutting in front of his van – he actually tries to BLAME the biker!

To cap it off around 2 mins 26 seconds the driver then spots a pedestrian filming the incident on his mobile phone. Just notice how aggressive the driver becomes – he literally intimidates this person for using his phone – he’s up in his face, kicks him and goes off on one.

However we perceive this incident – the approach to the accident and the way it’s handled on the kerbside – there’s no getting around the fact that this driver is an ambassador for the company.

Everyone who’s involved in your business, from the receptionist to the CEO has a responsibility to look after its reputation.

How many of your employees are out there on the roads every day in some capacity? From company car drivers, vans, HGV’s or even grey fleet drivers using their own cars for a simply trip to another site – or just popping to the bank?

Having a safe driving culture needs to start from the top down – and in a high paced, low margin environment I can see how some organisations may struggle to get this message across to all employees, contractors or occasional drivers.

There’s no doubt that having a large fleet of vehicles liveried up to the nines poses a potential risk to the business – as driving is one of the greatest risks and brand reputation is of paramount importance.

The final nail in the coffin comes from the company’s PR and response to a video that goes viral. Rather than deal with the incident quickly and transparently – the incident gets brushed under the carpet for weeks as the messages on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube continue.

Would Richard Branson’s PR machine handle things in the same way? Clearly the issue over some small claim of minor damage to a motorbike is not where the real damage is done here.

The brand reputation and company image far outweighs these incidents and all could have been handled in a totally different way.

I’m sure the news stories would have been VERY different if that biker was knocked into the side of a passing HGV…

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