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Meet Graham – the only person designed to survive on our roads

Meet Graham – the only person designed to survive on our roads

Graham is one of a kind. He's evolved to withstand a typical serious road incident and is an amazing sight to see.

This unique insight into what the human body would look like if the human race needed to evolve to withstand the forces the body is subjected to on impact in a crash.

You'd have to agree - there's no doubt that Graham would walk away from a serious crash where most of us wouldn't.

In this extraordinary documentary you get to see just how the body would need to be structured - in amazing detail through this unique look into human evolution.

How Graham came to exist

In a shift from its traditional road safety campaigns, the Australian Transport Accident Commission has collaborated with a leading trauma surgeon, a crash investigation expert and a world-renowned Melbourne artist to produce ‘Graham’, an interactive lifelike model demonstrating human vulnerability.

A look under the bonnet

The graphic detail created in this life-like chap is simply incredible. The videos shown on the meet graham website are truly inspiring and shows what can be achieved with a clear vision and great collaboration.

If you're thinking of raising awareness of driver safety in your company Graham is a great way to capture the attention of your staff.

Here at Driving Monitor we're encouraging our customers to share videos for their employees to view through our web portal.

Kevin Curtis, Director of Driving Monitor commented, Graham demonstrates the kind of message we're passionate about at Driving Monitor. The more we can raise awareness of the forces involved with road crashes the more we can help to reduce accidents. Even with the advance of safety technology systems within modern cars we're still simply a fragile set of skin and bones made mostly of liquid. We're working together with our clients to help drivers be safer on the roads but I haven't seen anything as inspirational as Graham for a long time.