Duels At Sundown, Saloons, And A Runaway Bull

Duels At Sundown, Saloons, And A Runaway Bull

A furrowed brow, a strong Stetson, cowboy boots and a stern look. 

That’s what I associate with Westerns, anyway – usually Clint Eastwood sauntering around the wild west and stopping by a few saloons on the way.

But it’s very much a fantasy portrayed in movies, rather than real life… right?

Well, passengers in Detroit, Michigan in the USA got a little taste of the wild west recently.

Because in a video that’s gone viral, a real-life cowboy is seen wrangling an out-of-control bull that’s broken free on the open road.

CLICK HERE to watch a cowboy lasso-ing a bull under control on the highway in the USA

As he approaches on horseback, he avoids cars which dip into other lanes as the rampaging bull acts like he’s in the proverbial China shop.

I can confirm that it’s absolutely not a scene from an upcoming Tarantino or Eastwood flick and that there are no film crews in sight.

Thankfully for everyone involved, the hero of the piece wrangled the bull and made it all look like it was just another day’s work.

I think he might have earned himself a stiff drink, armed with a pretty unbelievable story to tell.

I’ve seen plenty on the roads but I’m glad I’ve never had to negotiate with a bull weaving in and out of lanes on the motorway…

I’m not sure that’s a sight anyone would welcome as they tried to navigate the M25 in rush hour.