Road rage? We’ve solved it…

Road rage? We’ve solved it…


Driving can be stressful at the best of times.

When you’re running late, there’s roadworks, and then you hit a traffic jam, it can feel like the whole world’s against you.

I’m sure we’ve ALL witnessed road rage at one point or another, and I’m certain we’ve all had to bite our tongues to stop us from raging at others, too.

Well, Tesla may have inadvertently come up with the PERFECT solution to road rage.

Because it turns out that having hidden door handles can be a pretty good self-defence mechanism.

Okay, it’s a pretty extreme case of road rage when someone’s stopped, exited their vehicle, and come over to confront you.

But that’s precisely what happened in the US recently, as a man went to grab the door handle to confront the Tesla driver, only to be left baffled by the lack of handle thanks to the retractable door handles.

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Luckily, that gave the driver enough time to get away once the light’s turned green, and no harm was done.

It’s an interesting positive for a feature that’s had its fair share of criticism – Tesla’s retractable door handles have been in the news a few times before…

Mainly for freezing in cold weather or wiring malfunctioning, leaving drivers unable to open the door.

But hey, an unintentional safety feature is still a safety feature, right?!