Rural driving has its issues…

Rural driving has its issues…

There’s something beautiful about being out on the open road.

Driving in the countryside as the rolling hills surround you, the winding roads open up in front of you, and the picturesque beauty envelopes the landscape. 

And then the inevitable happens – you get stuck behind a tractor.

If anyone’s ever been on a long journey or needed to get somewhere in a hurry down a B-road, you’ll know what I mean.

Well, what about getting stuck behind a tractor in a low-speed police chase?

Because that’s exactly the situation that unfolded in North Carolina, USA last week.

The John Deere tractor, synonymous with mid-west farming and agriculture, was pursued by the police after reports emerged that the driver of the tractor was targeting vehicles on the Highway.

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Police tracked down the suspect and his tractor to a car park of a local church…

But he then pushed a dumpster into the church and proceeded to attempt his (slow) escape.

He was eventually apprehended and thankfully the damage done was limited to four vehicles and everyone involved was unharmed.

Safety on the roads is one thing but having to avoid a tractor in a low-speed pursuit is one thing I’ve never seen in all my years of driving!

What’s the strangest thing you’ve witnessed on the roads? Let us know in the comments below…