Safety first, always…

Safety first, always…


Safety always comes first when it comes to driving.

Or at least, it should.

We’re used to dealing with risk management when it comes to driver safety and reducing risk levels within fleets is just what we do.

So, when we come across things on the road that are so brazen, it’s quite something.

Now, nobody wants to break down. It’s never convenient, and if one of the vehicles in your fleet breaks down, there’s a whole load of logistical problems to sort out.

BUT once you’ve broken down, you accept that all of your plans go out of the window.

Well, these two drivers in a VW Beetle and a Ford Explorer decided that a breakdown shouldn’t stop them at all…

Unbelievably, they decided that after the battery had died on the Beetle, they’d jumpstart it and continue to drive down the street with the jumper cables connected in unison.

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Of course, a faulty alternator could’ve meant that the battery wouldn’t charge and linking the jumper cables might keep the power going long enough to reach a mechanic.

But why on earth they decided to attempt it on a busy day is beyond me.

I can only imagine the reaction if you saw one of your drivers doing this… disbelief would be the least of it.

So, what’s the most unbelievable incident you’ve ever witnessed on the road? Does it top this for disregard to driver safety?