What Am I Supposed To Run This On… Thin Air?

What Am I Supposed To Run This On… Thin Air?

It might sound like a sarcastic response to someone presenting you with a car with no fuel or a flat battery…

 But thin air might just be the next big thing in fuel technology.

Environmental concerns have driven the search for alternative fuels for more years than I’d care to count and while it might look like we’ve settled on battery-electric vehicles, there’s still lots of work to be done.

After all, EVs still rely in large part on fossil fuels to produce the electricity to power them, which has led to engineers and scientists exhausting every possible avenue.

And that’s now led them to thin air.

Because they’ve figured out a way to harness new technology that can harvest electricity from the air.

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Now, I know what you’re thinking… and I’m thinking the same thing.

Is this ever going to make it to production?

Well, like any revolutionary technology, it’ll need two crucial things to make it to the mass market…

Proof of concept AND the backing of major vehicle manufacturers and tech companies.

And as we know, both of those aren’t easy to come by.

It might sound like something from Back to the Future but the technology does exist, so the question is – do you think thin air is the future of fuel technology? Or is it a bit too ‘out there’ to ever make it?