Wales set to introduce 20mph speed limit

Wales set to introduce 20mph speed limit


Wales is set to introduce a 20mph speed limit in built-up areas from 2023.

The current speed limit in residential areas such as town centres is 30mph, but a vote has been passed that will see Wales become the first part of the UK to adopt the new lower speed limit on ‘restricted roads’.

But how will it work?

Well, the 20mph speed limit will be enforced on what are known as ‘restricted roads’…

That essentially means any roads that have lampposts every 200 yards or less, and it includes most residential and built-up areas.

It means that the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 will be changing from stating that it’s not lawful for a person to ‘drive a motor vehicle on a restricted road at a speed exceeding 30mph’ to state 20mph instead.

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Anyone caught exceeding the 20mph speed limit will face a £100 fine and three points on their licence.

If you’re caught by a speed camera, you may be offered the option of attending a speed awareness course or you may be handed a fixed penalty notice or if you’ve exceeded the speed limit by a significant amount, you might receive a court order.

Data from the police shows that half of all collisions where people were hurt in Wales occurred on 30mph roads.

As such, changes have been made with figures showing that someone being hit at 20mph is seven times more likely to survive than someone being hit at 30mph.