Merry Christmas! Here’s a free Lexus.

Merry Christmas! Here’s a free Lexus.

Merry Christmas! And thanks for reading our blog posts this year (:

Here’s hoping you have the most wonderful time, or as wonderful as it can be under the circumstances at least.

Whether you’re bubbling up or locking the doors and sealing yourselves in, chances are you might be looking for things to do today, or over the next week at least.

In which case, Lexus have provided an excellent means to an end for any supercar lovers (or anyone brave enough to tackle an origami LFA!).

And if you’ve got an hour or fifty to spare over the next few days, you might want to try it.

Click here to print your Lexus LFA and start building!

You’re right, this isn’t quite as good as the real thing, and it definitely won’t get you from 0.60 in 3.5 seconds.

But it’s certainly something fun to try with family or if you’re on your own too.

Apparently it’s been ten years since Lexus started manufacturing the LFA model, which is the flagship for their fleet of supercars.

And to celebrate, anyone who’s ever drooled over this divine car can get their hands on one for free!

Much better than shelling out the £500k price tag for a pre-owned model in my humble opinion.

All you need’s a printer, a pair of hands, and a little bit of patience, and you’re away!

Let us know how you get on.

Don't forget to click here to print your copy of the DIY LFA.