Study reveals worst maintained roads in the country

Study reveals worst maintained roads in the country

How often do you go down a pothole in your car, shake your fist at the road and vow to do something about it?

The number of times I’ve thought about writing to my local council about the state of the roads around here doesn’t bear thinking about.

The number of times I’ve actually done it is another thing altogether, but that’s by the by…

But after seeing the results of some recent research, I’m just thanking my lucky stars that I don’t live in York.

(Sorry if you do!)

Nothing against York at all – it’s a beautiful place! But its roads?

Officially the worst in the country.

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The study by Citroen UK revealed where the best and worst maintained local roads are across the UK.

And their analysis of planned or requested maintenance found York wanting, with 25% of its roads requiring “urgent” maintenance.

At the other end of the list, there’s one area of the country that’s doing very well when it comes to maintenance, with just 1% of the roads in several different local authorities needing urgent maintenance.

But the top spot? That goes to the Isle of Wight, where the Active Travel Programme has been running since 2017. The sustainability program promotes using greener modes of transport and reducing car use on the island.

Wonder if that’s got anything to do with it?!