Batteries Not Included

Batteries Not Included

Picture the scene…

It’s Christmas morning, and you head down to watch your kids unwrap various presents, only to be greeted by the most terrifying words to any parent:

Batteries not included.

Once upon a time, it seemed that the entire world ran on double-A batteries and recently some car enthusiasts have taken that to the next level.

We’ve all heard about the battery capacity of electric vehicles and what’s needed to make the world switchover from petrol and diesel vehicles…

But running a car completely from double-A batteries? That’s… out there.

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The thing is, it did take 100 batteries to get the engine firing.

Now, I’ve got quite a few batteries stashed away in my utility drawer (you know the one, it’s filled with all sorts of random bits and bobs like batteries, Sellotape and stamps)…

But I don’t think I’ve got enough to get my car moving.

So, if anyone asks you how many batteries it’d take to power your car, you know the answer – 100 should do it.

It’s not something I’ve particularly thought about before but I’ve started wondering how cost-effective it’d be.

Not very is my conclusion.

What else do you think you could power a car with? And how many double-A batteries do you think it’d take to get one of your fleet vehicles moving?!