Defra fleet ditching diesel

Defra fleet ditching diesel

Did you see the news piece about Defra fleet chief Dale Eynon this week?

He’s set out a new strategy for Defra: getting rid of all the diesel vehicles in their fleet and replacing them with hybrids or electrics in the next 7 years.

Pretty ambitious, right?

In the interview with Fleet News, Eynon says that they’ve now “ditched diesel” for cars, and that he actually expects to make savings with this bold move.

This decision comes as a result of the UK government’s planning to ban all sales of new diesel and petrol-only cars by 2040, and Eynon clearly believes he has a plan that’ll allow Defra to get compliant, without it costing them money.

What do you think about this? Have you got plans to implement something similar?

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7 thoughts on “Defra fleet ditching diesel

    • Seb, it’s largely down to the manufacturers – so let’s see how things pan out over the next 18 months!

  1. I think this is great! Much better for the environment and very forward thinking. Hopefully, this bold move will get more people onboard.

  2. I’m think ditching diesel may be a knee-jerk reaction.

    Whilst I admit that the pollution in city centres is a big issue and diesel contributes to this because of diesel particulates. However when doing long distance on the Motorways. Diesels are still the most efficient. Especially if you look at the Euro 6 engines.

    Finally, if we look at the technology coming for Diesel, you can see we might be demonizing them too early.

    I think there is still a place for diesel, but you have to use ‘the right tool’ for the right job.

  3. While it’s good to get ahead of the game, I’d be worried about the current standard of Electric vehicles.
    Are they really suitable for this sort of purpose? Or will they end up replacing them all in short order because a much better version has been developed in the meantime?

  4. So much better for the environment – good to see he’s ahead of the game. Hopefully more companies will do the same.

  5. I ditched diesel about 2 years ago and plan on going electric when it becomes viable as an every-day vehicle!