Fleets Warned Over Potential Registration Plate Fines…

Fleets Warned Over Potential Registration Plate Fines…

Fleet owners are being urged to check the licence plates of their vehicles as new plates come into action.

As of 1st March, the new ‘23’ licence plates have been rolled out, which means that motorists in England, Scotland and Wales will be seeing the plates on new vehicles.

But the DVLA is also warning that fleet owners and drivers must ensure that their own licence plates are road legal.

Which means they MUST display your registration number correctly – there can be no rearranging of characters or any alterations that make it difficult to read.

In fact, you could receive a fine of up to £1,000 if you drive a vehicle with incorrectly displayed registration plates…

And you could also risk the vehicle failing its MOT.

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There are specific DVLA rules on licence plates you should be aware of.

These rules on licence plates state that they must:

  • Be made from a reflective material
  • Display black characters on a white background on the front plate
  • Display black characters on a yellow background on the rear plate
  • Have no background pattern
  • Be marked with a ‘British Standard’ number

There should also be NO removable or reflective characters on the licence plate and (as of 1st September 2021) the colour must be a single shade of black.

However, there are some provisions – you can have 3D characters, certain flags and symbols can be featured and a green flash can be displayed on zero-emission vehicles.