Ford takes the office dog phenomenon to a whole new level

Ford takes the office dog phenomenon to a whole new level

Whether you think dogs are the mutt’s nuts or you’d rather stick pins in your eyeballs than touch the coat of a Labrador, there’s no denying that “dogs in the office” is a bit of thing these days. 

Not that we’ve all been in our offices enough throughout 2020 to confirm that this is 100% bona fide truth – but that’s another sad story for a different day. 

But one manufacturer that’s recently been encouraging their workers back into the workplace post-lockdown is Ford, and they’ve taken the whole “office dogs” thing to another level. 

Indeed, these days, two lovely little terriers spend their days running around their Michigan transmission plant. 

I know what you’re thinking, that can’t be good. A transmission plant probably isn’t quite the same environment that most office dogs are used to. 

But still, Fluffy and Spot have taken up seemingly permanent residence at Ford Michigan, and it’s got the automotive world talking.

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If you took a mo to click on the link you’ve probably already realised that Ford’s fidos aren’t too much of a cause for concern.

In fact, they’re really rather clever. 

The truth is that Fluffy and Spot are actually robodogs, and they’re doing more than rolling around on rugs all and poking their noses in bins all day. 

Each of these pups has five cameras attached so that they can scan the facility in detail and prepare it for retooling in the future. 

I know, better than any dog I’ve ever heard of too. 

Apparently, retooling happens regularly at Ford’s plants and each time they do it they need a total new engineering model to work from. 

And the dogs map the factory floors and design the workspace upgrades, all in half the time it’d take a human. 

Got room for one of these types of dogs in your life?!