The lights are on but nobody’s home

The lights are on but nobody’s home

Keeping the roads safe for everyone is a pretty important job.

When someone is speeding, driving erratically, driving without insurance, or simply doesn’t realise that their brake lights are out, it’s up to the police to intervene.

And that’s exactly what they did in California, in a routine stop.

Except there was nobody in the driver’s seat.

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Three police officers had pulled over the car, only to find that it was, in fact, a prototype driverless car – a Chevrolet Bolt-based vehicle, to be specific.

They realised what was happening as the first officer headed over to the driver’s window to speak to what they thought would be the driver…

But the lights weren’t on AND nobody was home.

Incredibly, the driverless car appeared to be aware it had been pulled over and had switched the engine off, and the officer shouted to his colleagues: “Ain’t nobody in it!

The car then drove off and across the road, as pedestrians watched on at the increasingly amusing scene.

But it wasn’t an escape attempt – the Chevrolet was simply pulling over to the safest location for a stop before turning on its hazard lights.

The officers got in touch with Cruise, who received a permit to test autonomous vehicles in California, and they ironed the issue out.

In the end, no fine was issued, and everyone got on with their day – all’s well that ends well!

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