A micro bulletproof all-electric car? Surely not…

A micro bulletproof all-electric car? Surely not…

There are LOADS of ideas that never make it out of a brainstorming session… but this isn’t one of those.

Yep, it’s an all-electric car with a slight difference.

Because it’s micro and BULLETPROOF.

Tata Motors teamed up with the Indian Military’s research arm to create the Tata Micro Bulletproof Vehicle (MBPV) back in 2012, but it’s had a resurgence this week.

The odd-looking car originated from Tata Motors partnership with the Indian military, in which they’ve supplied more than one million vehicles to the armed forces.

It’s essentially a modification on the world’s cheapest car… the Tata Nano, which cost £1,390 on launch.

I suspect that a bulletproof version might set you back slightly more than that.

 It can carry two passengers with a maximum weight of 441 pounds, roughly enough for two military personnel complete with equipment.

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Indian Special Forces were looking for a vehicle to operate in tight spaces such as shopping malls, airports, and railway stations, where emergency support for serious incidents might be required.

The solution proposed by Tata Motors went on trial with the Indian military in 2012, but there’s no record of any of the vehicles ever being inducted into full service…

So, sadly it looks as though the future of bulletproof vehicles might not lie in the micro-car market, despite the innovation on display… and slightly comical appearance.

I’m not sure that two fully kitted out troops would fit as snugly in the MBPV as Tata Motors would like to think.