There’s a world record for everything these days

There’s a world record for everything these days

There’s almost nothing you can think of that someone hasn’t already done.

The Guinness Book of Records is full of extraordinary, bizarre, and random world records.

Including the most cans opened by a parrot in one minute, the longest amount of time spinning a basketball on a toothbrush…

And even the fastest wheel change on a moving car.

Yep, when it comes to records that you’d never know even existed, the fastest time to change a wheel on a moving vehicle pretty much takes the biscuit.

Why did they do it, I hear you ask?

Well, to break the record of course. 

CLICK HERE to watch precisely how they pulled off the world record for the fastest wheel change on a moving car

Of course, the Guinness Book of Records was created by the owner of Guinness Breweries to settle arguments in pubs…

But it might have gotten a bit out of hand these days.

Two Italians achieved the feat and they did so by combining the skills of the cast of the Fast and Furious movies with that of an F1 pit crew.

In all honesty, it’s an incredibly impressive, albeit pointless, achievement.

Of course, they took as many safety precautions as they reasonably could in the circumstances, and they didn’t go as far as to attempt the world record in the middle of the M6.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen out on the road? And what’s the strangest world record that springs to mind? Let us know at

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