Do the UK’s most stolen vehicles feature in your fleet?

Do the UK’s most stolen vehicles feature in your fleet?

New data has revealed which were the most stolen vehicles of 2019 and 2020, and it might surprise you to find out what topped the list.

It wasn’t the VW Golf R…

And it wasn’t the BMW 3 Series either….

In fact, none of the three most stolen vehicles were cars at all.

On the podium were the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 313 and 314, and the Ford Transit 350.

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In total, 2,785 of the three models were stolen last year, while only 579 were recovered.

And in 2019, 3,373 were nabbed, and only 743 recovered.

Obviously, it’s alarm bells for van-heavy fleet decision makers. So what can you do to reiterate safety and reduce risks for your fleet?

Fleet-wide reminders will never go amiss, as obvious as some of the pointers might be:

  1. Store your keys somewhere sensible, not by the front door!
  2. Remove all valuables. Even something as insignificant as an empty bag could prove tempting fodder for a thief (and a silly cause for a broken window).
  3. Remove tools overnight - wheeled job boxes can come in handy for this purpose!
  4. Invest in additional security – if the van hasn’t had an alarm or engine immobiliser fitted already, have something decent installed.
  5. Park sensibly – manoeuvre so your doors are close to a wall and park in a well-lit area in view of CCTV wherever possible.

Do you give any other security advice to your drivers? Drop a comment and let us know your best ideas!