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EV Switchover in 2030 Is The ‘Biggest Concern’ For Fleet Owners

EV Switchover in 2030 Is The ‘Biggest Concern’ For Fleet Owners

The 2030 deadline for the switch to zero-emissions vehicle production is the biggest concern for fleets, according to the latest research.

In fact, 43% of fleet owners polled as part of the survey said moving away from internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles was the most significant issue they’re facing right now.

Given that the price per mile of running a fleet vehicle has risen by 12% in the last year, and is likely to continue to rise, there’s a lot to consider for fleet owners.

Rising petrol prices, the global semiconductor crisis, Brexit, the pandemic, and driver shortages have all combined to put stress on the sector.

What Does The 2030 EV Deadline Mean?

Given that we’re moving closer to the final ICE vehicles being produced, the EV market is on an upward trajectory.

After 2030, no new petrol, diesel, or hybrid vehicles will be produced in the UK, and it means fleets need to transition to zero-emission vehicles – which will most likely mean the adoption of EVs.

While most fleets are aware that the change is coming, the process of implementing the switch over the next 8 years is considerably more challenging.

The challenge is slightly different for fleet owners and private drivers, as the replacement cycle has already had to be extended for many fleet vehicles due to a lack of availability of new vehicles.

It means that the challenge is finding a balance between keeping costs low as all operational costs continue to rise while making the gradual switch to zero-emissions vehicles.

Replacement cycles are being extended and short-term solutions are being taken – whether that’s extending the life of current vehicles or looking to second-hand vehicles over a shorter period.

What Other Challenges Are Concerning Fleets?

The introduction of clean air zones (CAZ) in urban areas and the lack of road infrastructure causing significant congestion are the other two main challenges highlighted by fleet owners.

Concerns over CAZs have been prevalent for some time. The introduction of the zone in London heralded the beginning of the rollout and fleets around the UK are bracing for the impact in the coming years.

In fact, it’s been highlighted as one of the top issues that car and van fleets will face before 2026.

The reality is that most modern fleets will be exempt from the charges, but fleet owners MUST be aware of the impact it could have on drivers, both today and in the future.

A recent poll indicated that 68% of respondents are operating vehicles within a CAZ, with 72% expecting to do so in the future. However, 25% said that they were utilising compliant vehicles from elsewhere, with another 25% stating they were avoiding travelling within CAZs completely.

Congestion is a problem we’re all aware of, particularly as traffic has returned to pre-pandemic levels. Safety on the roads as the level of traffic increases is also a key concern for fleet owners.

What is the biggest challenge your fleet is facing right now? Let us know in the comments below.

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