What do spiders have to do with road safety?

What do spiders have to do with road safety?

Anyone who’s ever driven a car, van, motorbike, HGV, or any sort of vehicle knows that sometimes things go wrong.

It might be the clutch that goes, the brakes that degrade, or it might just be a flat tyre that stops you in your tracks.

But what do spiders have to do with road safety?

Well, sometimes there are issues which result in the manufacturer issuing a recall...

And specifically, Mazda6 models with a 2.5-litre engine had a BIG issue with spiders – Yellow Sac spiders, to be specific.

As unusual as it sounds, it was because the spiders were attracted to the hydrocarbons that you find in petrol, which meant they kept finding their way into the fuel tank.

And once they were in there, they started building webs, which blocked the airflow to the fuel tank, causing all sorts of problems. 

Not ideal.

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It took a couple of rounds of recalls to fix the issue, but they eventually sorted it, so there’s no major spider-related road safety concerns any more!

Other unusual reasons for car recalls include a malfunctioning air conditioning unit that caused the radio to short circuit and heated seats that literally burned a hole in the seats.

Safety on the roads relies on drivers doing their utmost to drive safely, concentrate, and be sensible – but maintaining and being aware of your fleet’s safety plays a HUGE role too.