Everything good comes in threes…

Everything good comes in threes…


They say that everything comes in threes – good, bad AND ugly.

But when it comes to cars, the three-wheeler is a thing of the past… right?

Well, there’s still a few knocking about but they’re increasingly rare.

So, when news broke that Nigel Mansell was selling his three-wheeled iC Modula M89, we were pretty excited.

The former F1 World Champion has owned the unusual vehicle ever since he was gifted it by Carlo Lamattina after he’d qualified on pole in the 1992 Italian Grand Prix.

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The British racing legend must have been pretty fond of the car, given that he’s kept it for 30 years, but it appears he’s having a bit of a clear-out…

Because he’s also selling his British Grand Prix winning F1 car from 1991 – the one where he famously gave Aryton Senna a lift back to the pit lane on his victory lap.

When I think of three-wheeled cars, the Modulo isn’t the first car that springs to mind, though.

The Robin Reliant was the most popular three-wheeled car back in the day, while the yellow Trotter’s Independent Trading car from Only Fools and Horses is perhaps the most famous three-wheeler.

If you want to get your hands on Mansell’s three-wheeler, it’s up for auction later this month…

What’s the strangest vehicle you’ve seen on the road? I saw a fully kitted out Ghostbusters replica car the other day… can you top that?