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The Future For Fleets: what’s in store for fleets in a post-pandemic world?

The Future For Fleets: what’s in store for fleets in a post-pandemic world?

There’s little doubt that the coronavirus pandemic has changed things for billions of people around the world.

With entire industries ground to a halt, millions of workers placed on furlough, and – of course – severe and traffic loss of life, this hasn’t been the easiest of times for anyone.

And, is becoming clear, the impact of the pandemic is one which we’re likely to be feeling for many months, and possibly years.

Our job now is to adapt to the changes it’s forced upon us, and take the right action to help us survive and thrive in the post-pandemic era.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a few predictions for what life will be like for fleets in the coming months:

Prediction #1 – More remote working 

During the pandemic, ‘working from home’ has gone from a luxury to a necessity. And with many organisations planning to continue working from home for the foreseeable future, it’ll be harder to physically keep tabs on your fleet and drivers.

Prediction #2 – More car troubles 

With MOTs deferred for six months, servicing put on hold and – most likely – minor issues left unchecked during lockdown, the likelihood is that there will be more vehicle issues to deal with over the coming months.

Prediction #3 – Less public transport usage

 The government is still recommending that public transport should be avoided if possible, which means that usage of trains, buses and taxis is unlikely to get back to pre-lockdown levels for a long time.

There’s a good chance that this will increase demand for personal vehicles, which may need to be factored into your fleet plans.

Prediction #4 – More demand for electric

As the world moves away from burning fossil fuels and towards greener methods of energy, electric is emerging as the future. However, thanks to the pandemic, and the realisation of how emissions reduce when the roads are empty, it seems likely that the demand for electric will be fast-tracked.

These four changes are likely to have a big impact on fleets, and if you’re responsible for fleets and/or vehicles within your organisation, it’s important you factor them into how you operate and plan in 2020 and beyond.

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